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About Us


SARVANA Company has started its activity in the field of producing all kinds of shoes and shoe soles in different models for different tastes and different ages for women, men and children, as well as supplying raw materials for the sports shoes and flooring industry since 2001.
Initially, the company was limited to the production of shoe soles, but since 2019, emphasizing the importance of chemicals, the company has been able to expand its work as a global company in the field of chemical raw materials.
We consider our customers as our long-term partners, and we need to build mutual commitment based on trust and transparency.
The supply of chemical raw materials is very important for the producers of goods. Therefore, cooperation with a suitable and reliable partner in the supply of raw materials has become one of the first conditions for improving global competition.

SARVANA Company supplies chemical raw materials based on 3 important principles:

1. Quality product

2. Affordable price

3. Timely and fast supply

We are also a professional manufacturer of shoes and sandals and relying on our long experience in the field of shoe production, we will be able to produce the best products for our customers.
We can offer shoe soles made of EVA, PU, P.V.C and TPR rubber materials to our customers. Our group is ready to provide services to our valued customers by using the latest technologies and advanced equipment of the shoe industry with the best designers.

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Monthly Shoe Produce
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